RE: Is _this_ what is meant by "Entity"?

> > The fact that a file was moved from location A to B can be asserted by
> asserting entities that characterize the movable file as file-in-location-A and
> file-in-location-B and asserting that file-in-location-B wasGeneratedBy a
> move PE that used file-in-location-A.
> Er, I think I agree.  That is, if we have:
>    entity(e0, [ type: "File", location: "/shared/crime.txt", creator: "Alice" ])
>    entity(f0, [ type: "File", location: "/shared/crime2.txt", creator: "Alice" ])
> Then it would be quite reasonable that there is a process execution that
> copies/moves e0 to generate f0.  Is that the sort of thing you mean?


> > (If useful, one can also characterize the mobile file as well (perhaps as file-
> with-fixed-content) and talk about its provenance as well (the series of edits
> that created it from other fixed-content-files ignoring how those files might
> have been moved around) and even link the descriptions (via
> IVPof/complementOf).)
> Like this?:
>    entity(ef0, [ type: "File", creator: "Alice" ])

Sort of. It can't really be a file since it can change its name and path and might be an IVPof/complementOf both e0 and f0 (assume a copy rather than move so both exist at once - g0 corresponds to two files at once so it can't be a file - perhaps a "logical file" rather than "document version" as I picked below).

And to fix the content, we need some attribute that is the content, or a hash that has a 1-1 correspondence to it, etc.


Entity(g0, [type: "Document version", creator:"Alice", contentHash="abc"])

And eo IVPoF/complementOf g0 and f0 IVPof/complementOf g0.

 -- Jim

Received on Tuesday, 6 September 2011 14:22:19 UTC