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Warn about unknown parameters Bjoern Hoehrmann (Tuesday, 31 July)

Join the Middle Class Rich! kellie123b@yahoo.com (Tuesday, 31 July)

checklink:Intranet Pages Andrea.Cheney@USPTO.GOV (Monday, 30 July)

Icon for XHTML 1.1 Grégoire Colbert (Sunday, 29 July)

XHTML validation broken? R Duarte (Saturday, 28 July)

Wither Wishlist Requests? K.C. Jones (Friday, 27 July)

SVG badges Bjoern Hoehrmann (Friday, 27 July)

--->Please make sure you specified the DOCTYPE properly Robert.W.Blackburn@apcc.com (Thursday, 26 July)

Fwd: FYI: UTF-8 BOM is now official Terje Bless (Thursday, 26 July)

Re: charset parameter (fwd) Nick Kew (Thursday, 26 July)

checklink: sys/syscall.ph Leon Mayne (Wednesday, 25 July)

checklink BUG short long args don't match up Erik Oliver (Sunday, 22 July)

(x)html validator broken? Jonathon Isaac Swiderski (Wednesday, 25 July)

Images in CVS Bjoern Hoehrmann (Wednesday, 25 July)

Update the news Bjoern Hoehrmann (Wednesday, 25 July)

xml-stylesheet PI Karl Dubost (Wednesday, 25 July)

checklink: convert URIs to UTF-8 Bjoern Hoehrmann (Wednesday, 25 July)

checklink: newsgroup links Bjoern Hoehrmann (Tuesday, 24 July)

Nested Element Problem Marc David Johnson (Tuesday, 24 July)

charset parameter Bjoern Hoehrmann (Tuesday, 24 July)

DTD 4.01 for ignoring & in CGI URL Nestor Diaz (Monday, 23 July)

Re: Producing an XML report from the validator Nick Kew (Sunday, 22 July)

Re: Shaming compaines into improving their HTML Bjoern Hoehrmann (Saturday, 21 July)

Unknown Encoding - Post HTMLTidy wrap Andrew Barker (Thursday, 19 July)

Fwd: validator/httpd/cgi-bin check Terje Bless (Wednesday, 18 July)

Re: Incorrect "catch" of valid data Terje Bless (Wednesday, 18 July)

A trailing dash in a domain name makes validator fail? Diman Grozny (Wednesday, 18 July)

Re: Buffer overflow bug in Validator? Martin Duerst (Wednesday, 18 July)

Re: Can src of an iframe be just HTML fragments? Terje Bless (Wednesday, 18 July)

checklink: upload Susan Lesch (Wednesday, 18 July)

Invalid validation? Alberto Bagnai (Monday, 16 July)

Icon for XHTML 1.1? Colin Paul Adams (Sunday, 15 July)

changing format of image Jeff Breker (Sunday, 15 July)

CSS/XHTML Validators weirdness salo (Sunday, 15 July)

Re: XHTML1.1? Terje Bless (Monday, 16 July)

Re: Non-SGML Char Refs Bjoern Hoehrmann (Sunday, 15 July)

Re: Help with decoding error messages? Terje Bless (Sunday, 15 July)

Re: XHTML 1.1 support in validator.w3.org anytime soon? Terje Bless (Sunday, 15 July)

just a small thing Adam Cimarosti (Friday, 13 July)

Validator Idea Luft, David S (Friday, 13 July)

link check for mozilla.org fails with 404 Michael Nahrath (Saturday, 14 July)

Re: [ICRA Meta vail to validate] Brian Kavanaugh (Friday, 13 July)

ICRA Meta vail to validate Allan Smith (Friday, 13 July)

problems with validator program? Nancy Carlin (Thursday, 12 July)

checklink: Madas Pál (Thursday, 12 July)

Validator compatibility Forrest Seymour (Wednesday, 11 July)

Re: HTML ID case question Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 11 July)

Form validation Alexander Shpack (Wednesday, 11 July)

referer seems broken.. David Hammerton (Monday, 9 July)

Bug in the validator? Karim A Nassar (Saturday, 7 July)

validating a SITE rather than a page John Russell (Sunday, 8 July)

W3C HTML Validation Service Results are failing on good pages Jonathan Wilson (Friday, 6 July)

image name/id Alexander Shpack (Friday, 6 July)

Error in validator? Eric Meyer (Thursday, 5 July)

Whole Page Validate Tomasz Trejderowski (Wednesday, 4 July)

€ (was: link check) Frank Ellermann (Tuesday, 3 July)

xhtml 1.1 logo Tonio (Monday, 2 July)

Re: Validator for Windows NT/2000 System aborka (Sunday, 1 July)

'align / width' attribute not valid Joe Fazekas (Monday, 2 July)

Re: German_Umlauts Karl Ove Hufthammer (Sunday, 1 July)

Experimental: Possible to change 'charset' Martin Duerst (Sunday, 1 July)

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