Re: charset parameter

On 27.07.01 at 11:30, Martin Duerst <> wrote:

>By the way, it looks like you are assuming that the encoding of
>FTP files is determined by the locale. That's true in a very narrow
>sense: for text mode and the distinction between ASCII and EBCDIC.
>For the rest, FTP just transmits bytes.

For non-TEXT mode FTP transfers, practice is that locale determines what
conventions to apply to the document. TEXT-mode is ANSI X.34 or EBCDIC.
It's not FTP making the distinction, but the client app that uses the data.
For instance, if I used the "Edit..." command on a binary file in my FTP
client, it would hand it over to my favourite text editor which would
assume that it was a text file in MacRoman (actually, my FTP client would
optionally translate ISO-8859-1=>MacRoman).

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