Re: A trailing dash in a domain name makes validator fail?

On 18.07.01 at 14:23, Diman Grozny <> wrote:

>Just a thought: It seems that a site with a "bad hostname" has no chance
>of getting validated, and that seems a bit unfair.. the guy who created
>the site would really prefer to stick with the "bad" hostname. Wouldn't it
>be nice to somehow avoid checking the very URL being validated, or get a
>warning instead of getting rejected altogether?

The error message comes from our underlying HTTP library; changing it is
unlikely to occur. Sorry.

Many libraries will reject that host name -- including, probably, some used
by browsers -- so it's in his own best interest to change it. (and probably
to switch to a service provider that is cluefull enough to alert him to the
problem before setting up the site!)

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