Re: Invalid validation?

* Alberto Bagnai wrote:
>My page was written in valid HTML 4.01 until I cutted and pasted the link
>you provided to the validator.

Well, if you cut and paste this smiley: <&B-> you'll get errors, too.
For a reason.

>Below are the results of attempting to parse this document with an SGML
>Line 189, column 84: 
>  ...
>/check?"><img ...
>                                                   ^
>Error: unknown entity "doctype" (explanation...)
>So, as Juvenal would say, "who validates the validators?"...

It's not the validators fault, it's your fault. You cannot just paste
abitrary data into HTML documents and hope they validate, you have to
escape special characters, nominally < and &. If you use

  ";doctype=Inline"><img ...

it'll validate ust fine.
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