(x)html validator broken?

When trying to validate my site, 
[http://members.evolt.org/jswiders/index.php?id=main], as Xhtml 1.0 
strict, i receive the message that the LINK, META, and H1 elements are not 
valid for that version of HTML.  However, I've looked at the DTD file for 
XHTML/Strict, and they're still there. . .

Additionally, when using the form to specify a version of HTML that I want 
the file checked against, I receive an 'invalid doctype' error -- for a 
doctype declaration that does not exist in the file either on my disk or 
on the server, and which I can only assume has been inserted by the 
Validator engine.

If there is a problem with my pages, I am perfectly willing to do what I 
am able to fix it (i don't control the server, just the directory), but I 
can't find where that would be. . .

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Oberlin OH 44074                     jswiders@oberlin.edu

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Received on Thursday, 26 July 2001 03:56:52 UTC