Re: Invalid validation?

On 16.07.01 at 03:24, Alberto Bagnai <> wrote:

>My page was written in valid HTML 4.01 until I cutted and pasted the link
>you provided to the validator. At the following check I obtained this
>Below are the results of attempting to parse this document with an SGML
>parser. Line 189, column 84: 
>/check?"><img ...
>                                                   ^
>Error: unknown entity "doctype" (explanation...)
>So, as Juvenal would say, "who validates the validators?"...

Well, as Björn said, it strictly speaking isn't the Validator's fault, but
we should still make sure we don't suggest people include HTML that is
nominally invalid in their documents. In this case, the "&doctype=Inline"
bit is even completely unnecessary (it just states the default).

I have implemented a fix for this in CVS and it should be available in the
next sync[0] with the public site.

Thanks for your feedback on this!

[0] - Which was tentatively planned for last weekend, but has been
      pushed back to at least next week due to scheduling conflicts.

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