Re: DTD 4.01 for ignoring & in CGI URL

On Mon, 23 Jul 2001, Jim Correia wrote:

> On 12:14 PM 7/23/01 Nestor Diaz <> wrote:
> > I have installed validator on my web site to check my pages to conform
> > to the 4.01 standard ( i don't like to use w3 validator due to
> > bandwith problems), however i will like to know if i somebody had made
> > a patch for 4.01 transitional dtd to not show an error where & is used
> > as a separator for a URL, does it exist? i am not a experienced dtd
> > programmer.
> When used in an HTML attribute, & must be encoded.  If you do not, you
> will get unexpected results when using conforming user agents.  Fix your
> pages, don't hack the validator to mask your error.
> Try the following in a conforming user agent (the trailing ; is
> optional, but you are well advised to use it *and* encode your entities,
> or else you may get the wrong answer) as the href for an a element:

Ok, i know what you mean, but i am using interchange 4.6 as my ecommerce
platform and as i know the &amp; option to generate cgi url is currently
only on the unstable branch, that's what i want this dtd patched until i
swith to interchange 4.7, so i think patching the dtd is more easy that
patching interchange for a while.


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