Re: Invalid char refs in (X)HTML (was: Re: Incorrect "catch" of valid data)

On 18.07.01 at 19:55, Thanasis Kinias <> wrote:

>                127     1       UNUSED
>                128     32      UNUSED
>That means characters 127-159 decimal are invalid, right?

Not really. As far as I can make out, it merely means that they are, well,
UNUSED and this is why you won't by default get a warning about it. You'd
need to be a SGML guru to say anything more definitive about the exact
semantics of BASESET/DESCSET (as amended by the myriad of options elsewhere
in the SGML Declaration) I think.

If it _really_ bugs you, you should go ask on comp.text.sgml (make sure you
specify that it's in the context of HTML; or ask on ciwah) and/or

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