Re: A trailing dash in a domain name makes validator fail?

At 14:23 01/07/18 -0400, Diman Grozny wrote:
> > Well, It's a bad host name, see RFC 1034, RFC 1123 and RFC 2396, they
> > must not start or end with a dash.
>Thank you, everyone, for clarifying that. That's our fault!
>Now, I guess I'll have to copy the site to somewhere else to have its
>contents validated.
>Just a thought: It seems that a site with a "bad hostname" has no chance of
>getting validated, and that seems a bit unfair.. the guy who created the
>site would really prefer to stick with the "bad" hostname.

Hello Diman,

If it's a problem of money, then I think the site creator should
get a new domain name for free, including all the redirects.
The problem is clearly a severe mistake with whoever runs and accepted the clan-xz- registration.

Please don't let such a mistake go by without reacting.
If you do, we'll get domain names like a+b?c$d or so,
really, really bad.

Regards,   Martin.

>Wouldn't it be
>nice to somehow avoid checking the very URL being validated, or get a
>warning instead of getting rejected altogether? I think every site should
>"have a right" to be validated, even the ones with a bad URL.. Well, if
>that's not worth it, that's fine with me..
>Again, thanks for clarifying the problem!

Received on Thursday, 19 July 2001 00:26:37 UTC