Re: Incorrect "catch" of valid data

On 18.07.01 at 18:20, Thanasis Kinias <> wrote:

>On Wednesday 18 July 2001 10:15, Terje Bless wrote:
>>On 21.04.01 at 10:21, Michael Bowen <> wrote:
>>>When I validate documents (transitional DTD), if there are any errors in
>>>a document, then the < &#153; > symbols are flagged as invalid. If I fix
>>>all the other errors, then the < &#153; > warning messages go away.
>>This has now been fixed so you get an error message here regardless. See
>>for example
>As of circa 1815 MST (0115Z 19 Jul), the port 8188 validator is still only 
>flagging these when validating as XHTML, not when validating as HTML.

Yes. This is expected behaviour. The fix I'm refering to above is for a
different problem. It used to be that these errors were only reported when
there were also other errors in the document. They are now reported

Why they don't show up in HTML, but do in XHTML, is an issue I'm still
looking into.

BTW, I seem to recall that the conclusion to that thread was that these
characters are actually invalid in HTML 4, but _valid_ in XHTML (since XML
1.0 SE removed the word "graphic" from "any valid graphic character"). Did
I read that wrong or are we actually failing in _both_ HTML and XHTML?


BTW, port 8188 is Martin's little playground. I pointed there because he
happened to have synced with CVS and I hadn't. My current running code is
on port 8001, and Gerald's would be on 8000. Neither of them are likely to
be available unless the person in question has been doing any development
lately. IOW, don't count on these versions beeing available or even working
at any particular moment in time!


Dang! I have _got_ to fix that CGI logic! Yuck!

That URI can be stripped down to
It's not exactly short and sweet but it's better then the mess we generate
right now. Sorry about that; I'll try to work it out before the next sync.

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