Re: HTML ID case question

* Terje Bless wrote:
>On 12.07.01 at 12:57, Eric Meyer <> wrote:
>>I'd like to VERY strongly recommend that this error get an 
>>"explanation..." link in the validator results.
>I'll whip something up this weekend so it's in the next sync.

What about:

  "While user-agents must treat values of the id attribute
   case-sensitive, they must still be case-insensitive unique
   in the document. See ... for further information."

What about a feature in checklink to check if URI references
point to a valid anchor name?

>[ I've been holding off until someone explained the "correct" ]
>[ behaviour to me in big letters and little words. :-)        ]

I like to see somebody explaining me why section 7.5.2 of HTML 4.01 says

  "id = name [CS]"

and not

  "id = id [CS]"

as the attribute index and the DTDs do...
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