Re: Wither Wishlist Requests?

On 26.07.01 at 22:56, K.C. Jones <> wrote:

>Is this list a good venue for validator wishlist requests?

Sure. You'll be directed here from
<URL:>. This list is a bit noisy with
technical discussions at times, but mostly we hope we manage to catch all
feature requests too; even if we don't always get around to implementing
them immediately. You can see the current TODO list for the service at
<URL:>, and feel free to ask if you don't
see your issue covered or if there is anything unclear.

>I'm new to the list,

Welcome! :-)

>have not seen wishlist posts in the archives, but don't see any other
>place to direct them.

Oh, there are a few, but they may have been drowned out by other traffic.

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