Re: Warn about unknown parameters

* Terje Bless wrote:
>>>>In our german web authoring newsgroup Thomas Mager just wondered why

>Yeah, I'm kinda with you so far, but how does that change whether or not
>the page is Valid?;1 valid invalid.

User wants to validate the first one but the Validator retrieves and
validates the latter.

>We ignore unknown parameters completely

Yes, that's what I am complaining about. Unknown parameters should get
reported to avoid confusion.


*argl*! :-)

>We end up requesting a different page and that page happens
>to be invalid? So the extra params aren't affecting _our_ behaviour, it's
>the _lack_ of params that makes the _validated_ server change _it's_
>«behaviour»? IOW, it's not an error in the Validator -- the error lies with
>the user failing to escape CGI params -- it's just that it would be a
>usefull feature to actually give a warning about it to make the user aware
>that s/he needs to escape these characters?

We can harldy do that. Complain about invalid parameters is fair enough.
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