Nested Element Problem

Seem to be having a little 'issue' with the validator and wanted to see if
anyone had any ideas/solutions.

I have a TEXTAREA tag which is filled with HTML code for people to
copy-and-paste. The problem seems to be that the validator (using 4.01
Trans. DTD) doesn't like the FORM element placed inside the TEXAREA element
(at least that the best clue I can come up after reading the 'explanation').

I have tried replacing the TEXTAREA tag with a DIV but still get the same
results (and made sure the previous FORM tag on the same page is closed,

Kind of at a loss as to what may be causing the validator to Kerchunk on
this one tag.


(the page in reference is --
it's the code in the textarea at the bottom)


Marc David Johnson
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Received on Tuesday, 24 July 2001 11:41:46 UTC