Re: charset parameter

* Nick Kew wrote:
>OK, smart****, what's this with charset="ISO-2022-JP" for posting to
>this list?  Or are you really in Japan?

His Received:-history implies this, yes :-)

>> >3) Check for a CGI "charset" parameter.
>> >   a) If found, use unconditionally, overriding META, but mark doc invalid.
>> This overrides both META and HTTP, so it should come first.
>> The 'charset' parameter corresponds to an explicit (per page) user setting
>> in a browser.
>er??? WTF is a CGI "charset" parameter?

What he means is a user selectable charset
that is passed via CGI to the script.

>Is there some other HTTP charset header set by browsers?

If they POST some form they may send a charset parameter for some types,
as you certainly know :)
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