SVG badges


   Quite a while ago I asked for somebody making SVG versions of the
Validator Icons. No one did. I did! :-) At least it is a first try.
Actually it's my first SVG image ever ;-) You may have a look at it at

or just

If you have your browser configured to accept image/svg+xml (no, you
didn't, just use the URIs above ;-) It's for XHTML 1.1 as you can see;
changing this to whatever you want instead is as easy as replacing the
strings "XHTML" and "1.1" with whatever you want. You may incorporate
this into your XHTML documents like


        alt="Valid XHTML 1.0!" height="31" width="88" />



  * Please don't use the image at this time
  * Please use some local copy

I'll incorporate comments and contribute them when SVG becomes an
acknowledged W3C recommendation. Did Polly say he wants a really big
cracker for this? ;-)

PS: I suggest to add support for image/svg+xml; it's rather annoying to
    use the file upload feature to circumvent the MIME type checks...
    No, it's currently not registered at IANA, nor is there some
    internet draft for this approach, unfortunaly...
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