Re: --->Please make sure you specified the DOCTYPE properly

On 26.07.01 at 17:00, wrote:

>     Uh oh! I got the following unknown error: D:
>     \webroot\validate\sp\bin\nsgmls.exe:0:157:96:E: invalid comment
>     declaration: found name character outside comment but inside comment
>     declaration Please make sure you specified the DOCTYPE properly!

As others have said, it's very difficult to diagnose this problem without
seeing the document in question, but judging from that error message you
have something like the following in the input:

<!-- comment #1 -- garbage -- comment #2 -->

Comments in SGML are tricky beasts. The full set of comments must be
cntained within "<!" and ">". In addition, each comment (there can be more
then one) must be delimited on each side with "--".

  -- comment #1 --
  -- comment #2 --

The string "garbage" is _not_ a comment in this case, and would probably
generate the error message you see. Complex interactions of comments and
other elements (not to mention scripts!) may confuse this issue

Please try to reduce this to the smallest example that will generate that
error message and post it to the list. Hopefully we'll be able to figure
out what's going on, how to fix it, and maybe add a better error
explanation for this error in future versions.

  BTW, does this mean your UPS Web Management interface will be
  valid HTML now? -link, happy user of about 50 Smart-UPS 1000. :-)

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