Re: A trailing dash in a domain name makes validator fail?

> It has an IP address, doesn't it? If it's not virtual-hosted, you can
> use the validator by simply replacing DNS name with IP address.
It is virtual-hosted (as many sites out there), so IP address won't help.

> An optional IP address field to specify where to send the
> URI request to could be useful for this and when DNS root finally goes
> schizoid...
I agree, also that would be really useful for another purpose: testing
different virtual hosts (other than the default virtual host) on a local
network/computer, that don't have a global domain name. The validator could
use the given IP and request the given hostname, and it would get the right
virtual host! That would be really neat!

> And then there's file upload.
Of course. But, in my opinion, that's not exactly convenient for everyday
use, and totally awkward in case of dynamic content (cgi, php).

I agree, the hostname in question is bad and must be changed, no question
about that.

Received on Wednesday, 18 July 2001 23:36:10 UTC