Re: A trailing dash in a domain name makes validator fail?

On 18.07.01 at 15:28, Dmitri Klimenko <> wrote:

>>An optional IP address field to specify where to send the URI request to
>>could be useful for this and when DNS root finally goes schizoid...
>I agree, also that would be really useful for another purpose: testing
>different virtual hosts (other than the default virtual host) on a local
>network/computer, that don't have a global domain name. The validator
>could use the given IP and request the given hostname, and it would get
>the right virtual host! That would be really neat!

Hmmm. That would be real handy for a couple of situations, yes. It'd add a
fair bit of complexity that I'm not certain it warrants, so it'll
definitely get low priority, but I'll try to keep it in mind for when we
get the more pressing issues out of the way.

Thanks for your feedback on this!

Received on Wednesday, 18 July 2001 23:53:44 UTC