Re: Invalid char refs in (X)HTML (was: Re: Incorrect "catch" of valid data)

On 18.07.01 at 19:55, Thanasis Kinias <> wrote:

>They're definitely invalid in HTML 4; the debate (on which there isn't 
>consensus) is whether they are valid in XHTML 1.  They're not apparently 
>invalid in XML _en_ _gˆİnˆİrale_.  However, I believe they are invalid in 
>XHTML, too.

I'll leave that question for the experts to bicker about for now[0]. I've
just checked in a fix that will give warnings in HTML, but which still
gives warnings (that it possibly shouldn't) in XHTML (and MathML, and XML,
and...). This should take care of the issue you reported. Try it out at
<URL:> and let me know if I've nailed it.

[0] - Actually, I'm going to pretend the issue doesn't exist until
      someone bugs me about it. I see no reason to allow these chars
      in XML when we report errors in HTML -- and Martin sez it's so,
      so nyah nyah! :-) -- and it's too much bother for too little
      (if any) gain to fix it now. If anyone thinks different you'll
      need to yell at me for a while to get my attention. :-)

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