Re: DTD 4.01 for ignoring & in CGI URL

* Nestor Diaz wrote:
>Ok, i know what you mean, but i am using interchange 4.6 as my ecommerce
>platform and as i know the & option to generate cgi url is currently
>only on the unstable branch, that's what i want this dtd patched until i
>swith to interchange 4.7, so i think patching the dtd is more easy that
>patching interchange for a while.

 * Patching the DTD doesn't make your document valid
 * Patching the DTD is explicitly _forbidden_ by HTML 4
 * You _cannot_ patch the DTD to change this; it's a
   SGML _syntax_ error/ambiguity and not attached to the
   _structure_ of the document and the DTD defines nothing
   but that.
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Received on Monday, 23 July 2001 12:46:48 UTC