Re: referer seems broken..

Most likely trying to refer in from an https:// uri.  The validator cannot
retrieve documents over a secure connection.


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The icon/link at the bottom of
worked just fine for me a few moments ago. No idea what
you ran into.

Regards,   Martin.

At 01:53 01/07/09 -0400, David Hammerton wrote:
>the referer on both the html and css validator thing doesnt work. Eg, i
>a referer link and it complains that:
>Sorry, this type of URI is not supported by this service.
>  URIs should be in the form:
>  (There are other types of URIs, too, but only http:// URIs are currently
>supported by this service.)
>happens on any page (even urs) - didnt used to!

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