Re: Validator Idea

On 13.07.01 at 11:20, Luft, David S <> wrote:

>When links break, the specific page is not always known (you should have
>experienced this). Also, some web sites are very large (over 100 pages),
>and it would be very tedious to enter every URL. Could you modify
>validator so it could check entire web sites?  Entering a list would be
>OK, restricting it to a specific prefix for a URL would be awsome!)

I'm not sure I understand what you are refering to here. The W3C Link
Checker[0] has an option for recursively checking an entire site. The W3C
HTML Validator[1] doesn't have this option, but it's on the TODO list and
will be added at some point in the future. Does that answer your question?

[0] - <URL:>.
[1] - <URL:>.

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