Experimental: Possible to change 'charset'

I more or less am done with implementing the possibility to
set a character encoding parameter when asking for revalidation.
To try it you, please go to:  http://validator.w3.org:8188/,
and try to validate a page that fails to validate because it
doesn't have any 'charset' information (or the info is wrong).
On the result page, you can then change the character encoding
and try again.

This is based on Terje's great idea of showing the data about
the document as a table and allowing to change the doctype.
I changed the internal buildup and printout of the table quite
a bit to try to make sure that items belonging together are
listed after each other, and that as much info is printed
out as possible even in case of an error (e.g. if the document
cannot be validated because there is some problem with the
'charset', you can at least change the 'charset' and try again).

There are quite a few details that I still have to clean up.
Any further ideas wellcome, of course.

Also, please note that this code is not yet committed to CVS,
because of a lock that I cannot remove. I have asked for
help and will commit as soon as possible.

Regards,   Martin.

Received on Sunday, 1 July 2001 09:24:06 UTC