Re: charset parameter

* Martin Duerst wrote:
>>No, the intent was, that _servers_ parse the HTML document and send the
>>correct Content-Type: header, HTML 4 even says so.


>Is that a must?

For whom? An HTTP server implementing HTML?

>>[1] I think the http-equiv attribute is the worst thing ever
>>     incorporated into HTML. It hasn't been implemented, it beeing
>>     abused, semantics aren't clearly defined, the definition is
>>     ambigious, only a small number of people put syntactically valid
>>     information in the content attribute for some HTTP headers, etc.pp.
>>     I'll find some evil hellcat to put even more evil spells on the HTML
>>     WG members if this attribute won't be kicked out of XHTML 2.0 (or
>>     replaced by something with value) };-)
>This is easy to guess. XHTML 2.0 will use the XML 'encoding' pseudo-attribute.

The http-equiv attribute is used for far more things than just the
Content-Type: header, unfortunaly.
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