Re: Incorrect "catch" of valid data

On 19.07.01 at 14:25, Martin Duerst <> wrote:

>It's not the word 'graphic', it's production [2] in the spec. For XHTML,
>which is a combination of XML and HTML, it's not 100% clear.

Gee, where have I heard that before... I'm starting to develop an
instinctive dislike for anything with "XHTML" in the name. :-(

>But we decided that we fail for both HTML and XHTML, because the chance
>that it's an error (the wrong character) is much bigger than the chance
>that that somebody really wants one of the control characters.

For HTML 4, yes, but for XHTML we've been giving errors for these all
along. The current code will give an error about these characters in both
HTML and XHTML. Is that more or less what you had in mind?

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