Re: Incorrect "catch" of valid data

On 21.04.01 at 10:21, Michael Bowen <> wrote:

>My XHTML documents include the trademark symbol, coded as < &#153; >.
>When I validate documents (transitional DTD), if there are any errors in a
>document, then the < &#153; > symbols are flagged as invalid. If I fix all
>the other errors, then the < &#153; > warning messages go away.

We finally solved this mystery! :-)

Our SGML Parser flags these as "Warnings" and not "Errors", and reports the
document to be valid. It turns out that we didn't display any output from
the parser if the document was considered valid.

This has now been fixed so you get an error message here regardless. See
for example

Now to add an explanation for that error... :-)

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