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9.99 Tables

9.99-3 didn't recover document after crash

<LI> bullet misplaced

[Announce] Snapshot Amaya 9.99

[Announce] Snapshot Amaya 9.99-3

[Announce] Snapshot Amaya 9.99-4

[Announce] Snapshot Ubuntu Amaya 9.99-3

[Fwd: Re: Amaya 9.99-1 WinXP bug]

[Fwd: Re: Amaya 9.99-1 WinXP bug] Intel graphics card problem

[Fwd: Re: Fwd: Re: [Announce] Snapshot Ubuntu Amaya 9.99-3]

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A bit of Christmas cheer

Alternatives to Amaya?

Amaya -- save as function

amaya 0.93 display funny on Ubuntu/ppc

Amaya 9-99-3 on Fedora 7

Amaya 9.55 2 crash

Amaya 9.55 WinXP bug: apply class tool does not add some classes

Amaya 9.55-2 and Debian Unstable don't like each other

Amaya 9.99

Amaya 9.99 -- failure to remember settings

Amaya 9.99 bad news -- good news

Amaya 9.99 Debian crashes upon file open

Amaya 9.99 GUI dialog appearance

Amaya 9.99 on Linux -- totally bad display

Amaya 9.99 problem in my Debian etch

Amaya 9.99 sluggish?

Amaya 9.99 snapshot

Amaya 9.99 WinXP bug: Apply class tool window

Amaya 9.99 WinXP bug: closing last tab

Amaya 9.99 WinXP bugs: Enter key

Amaya 9.99 WinXP Enter key behaviour

Amaya 9.99-1 WinXP bug

Amaya 9.99-1 WinXP bug - Graphic card and driver (2)

Amaya 9.99-2 WinXP bug: creating targets

Amaya 9.99-2 WinXP dt and dd buttons

Amaya 9.99-2 WinXP possible bug: creating a table

Amaya 9.99-2 WinXP regression: change doctype menu does not work

Amaya 9.99-3 WinXP bug: can not write # character in href attribute

Amaya 9.99-3 WinXP bug: creates invalid markup

Amaya 9.99-3 WinXP bug: creating a table without full width

Amaya 9.99-3 WinXP bug: Ctrl+Enter

Amaya 9.99-3 WinXP bug: editing form menus

Amaya 9.99-3 WinXP bug: full width table inside a fieldset

Amaya 9.99-3 WinXP minor bug: iframe and ruby elements in XHTML strict document

Amaya 9.99-3 WinXP minor bug: shows two target icons

Amaya 9.99-3 WinXP RFE: creating fieldset

Amaya 9.99-3 WinXP RFE: form legend

Amaya 9.99-3 WinXP: Updating table of contents

Amaya 9.99-4 and duplicate ids

Amaya 9.99-4 WinXP: delete, cut and paste bug

Amaya 99 crash on background image

Amaya and Fedora 8

amaya and vertical-align styling

amaya comilation failure on amd64 architecture

amaya crashes on amd64 architecture

Amaya Runs, but cannot see it

amaya styling bugs

amaya use different wxWidget?

bug in Amaya

Bug in Amaya 9.99.3 --CSS

bug report - Amaya crashing when trying to 'cut' from source view or the WYSIWYG page

Bug: Link targets can't include other elements

bugs / wish page

Bugs and whishes with Amaya 9.99-4 on Mac.

Can I remove the <?xml version defualt?

Crash also happens on Ubuntu Gutsy

Crash on Fedora 7

Crash on Ubuntu

Created Amaya Logo as Idea

CSS bug -- float property

CSS bug in Amaya 9.99

css parsing errors

detecting duplicate id attributes on a page

doc type reset

double-click to open file bug

Download Problems


font differences on a single machine ...

Font Size

font sizes

How do I enter a character entity?

HR element swallowed by next edit

Issue with Amaya 9.55: a bug in the parsing check function?!

Issue with Amaya 9.55; (...) continued

keyboard customizations?

Links view doesn't pick id

Map coordinates reset to zero

map coordinates reset to zeros on Save

Minor drawing problem on 9.99-4

Minor text selection issue...

missing function in Amaya 9.99.3

More problems with Tools

No Tools

parsing entities

Problems selecting text in 9-99-3 on Windows XP + open dialog focus

Question concerning DTD-settings

Re : Amaya 9.99

Re%3A%20%5BAnnounce%5D%20Snapshot%20Amaya%209.99&In-Reply-To=%253C2 00710171442.13301.vatton%40inrialpes.fr%253E&References=%253C200710171442.1 3301.vatton%40inrialpes.fr%253E

RFE: Changing class attributes

RFE: class changes on multiple elements are inconsistent

RFE: Default DATETIME value for INS/DEL

Simple picture not displayed

Spell checker

themes in amaya

Too high a virtual memory size, possible leak

Tool palette doesn't scroll

Typo in link

Usability nuisances on the Mac

UTF-8 as document default ?!


What a program

Windows Compile - Cannot open include file

Windows dialogs are top level?

wish list -- more style rules implemented

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