Re: [Announce] Snapshot Amaya 9.99


The new interface 9.99 is definitely cool.

Here is some bugs / wishes (version 9.99 on Mac OS X 10.4 PPC):

a) The scroll position of the window seems to be lost when switching  
from one tab to another.
The text displayed seems to be located where the cursor is in the  
text without remembering the position of the scroll, but the lift  
position gets the scroll position and only updated if you move the  
This is not so clear, but quite disconcerting.
b) The management of attributs is much better with the selection of  
only relevant attributs and an insert button (great in deed!)
The size of attribut column can be changed but is not persistent when  
I clic elsewhere.
The word attribut (or value) doesn't get all its letters even with  
enough space if you have reduced the column and clic elsewhere.
When editing attribut, the editing field is not stuck to the cancel  
button, there is some pixels missing.
c) When creating a link, the link field is not selected by default,  
so you write in the text window...

d) Search item should be hightlighted in the search box. Thus if I  
want to search an other word, I have just to type not to cancel the  
previous one before.
e) When a portion of text is selected, the radio button "in selected  
text" should be checked by default in search box and also in spell box.
f) Switch from one tab to another is <shift><cmd><right> or  
<shift><cmd><left> in Safari. Could it be the same on Amaya ?
g) In the new contextual menu, an item "create/edit a link" is  
missing in my opinion.

Thanks to make Amaya still my favorite web composer, Pascal.

Le 17 oct. 07 à 14:42, Irene Vatton a écrit :

> A snapshot (9.99) of the future release is now available. The major  
> changes
> are a contextual menu, a customized user interface (see Preferences  
> to change
> it), Amaya themes, and a new style panel to style documents.
> Pay attention: The behaviour of Enter, Delete, and Backspace keys  
> also changes
> in this new version.
> Screenshots of this new user interface are available at:
> As usual pointers to packages are available at:
> Your feedback is welcome
>      Irène.
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