Re: bug report - Amaya crashing when trying to 'cut' from source view or the WYSIWYG page

Amy van der Hiel a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I'm using Amaya 9.99 for Mac (Intel).  I just updated my version.  
> When I try to cut text from a page in either the source view or the 
> WYSIWYG view, Amaya crashes.
Hello Amy,

I verified with my Mac version (PowerPc), I can't reproduce this crash. 
I use this version regularly on Windows and Linux and didn't have this 
Does it crash systematically for you (ie, every time you make a cut, 
whatever the document) , or only in some cases or following a certain 
scenario ?

> I don't know if this matters for the symptom, but (I guess by default 
> since I didn't change them) the settings in General Preferences are:
> 'XML editing mode' is not checked
> 'Preserve lines when pasting' is checked
> 'Keep multiple spaces' is not checked
> 'Generate backup files' is not checked
> 'Anti-aliasing' is checked
> 'ISO format for date' is not checked
> 'Show targets' is not checked
> 'Display all shortcuts' is not checked
> 'Warn when closing multiple tabs' is not checked

Same for my tests
> Can you advise what might be causing the crashing and what I might try 
> to fix it?
It's very weird, I don't remember such a crash. I wonder if someone can 
reproduce it.
If you are stuck in your work, the 9.55 version is still available from 
the Distribution page.
Before to install a new snapshot, you may rename your current Amaya 
version so that you can  experiment the new snapshot and keep a stable 
version if it has new bugs.


> Thanks.
> Amy

Received on Thursday, 29 November 2007 21:43:01 UTC