Re: Amaya 9.99 WinXP bugs: Enter key

On Thursday 18 October 2007 12:09, Bartolomé Sintes Marco wrote:
> Hi,
> In Amaya 9.99 announcement, it is said that the behaviour of Enter,
> Delete, and Backspace keys has changed. Are the changes explained
> somewhere?
> In Amaya 9.99 for WinXP the Ctrl+Enter shorcut (<br /> element) does not
> work, but the shortcut is still showing in the XHTML menu.

Okay, I'll check.

> In Amaya 9.99, if an element is selected and the Enter key is pressed,
> the element is deleted. This behaviour can create confusion in some
> situations. For instance, when a <hr /> element is created, the element
> is selected. What the user is expected to do then? If he/she hits the
> Enter key, the line is deleted. I would say he/she has to select the
> Edit > Append menu, but this is a little bit awkward. By the way, a
> shortcut for the Edit > Append menu would be convenient if it has to be
> often selected.

The goal is to be closer to usual text editors, as new users are disturbed by 
the XML approach.

The documentation is not updated yet, but to summarize these new behaviour:
 a) Enter deletes the selected contents and breaks the bloc at the
     current position
 b) Delete deletes the selected contents and moves the cursor after
 c) Backspace deletes the selected contents and moves the cursor before
 d) Now to can go out of a large set of inline elements by clicking the entry
     twice. For example you click strong, enter the strong text, then click
     strong to goes out.

By the way, we didn't kill the old XML mode yet
If you set in your thot.rc file "XML_EDIT_MODE=yes", you will work as with
Amaya 9.55

> Best regards,
> Bartolomé Sintes

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