Amaya 9.99 WinXP bugs: Enter key


In Amaya 9.99 announcement, it is said that the behaviour of Enter, 
Delete, and Backspace keys has changed. Are the changes explained somewhere?

In Amaya 9.99 for WinXP the Ctrl+Enter shorcut (<br /> element) does not 
work, but the shortcut is still showing in the XHTML menu.

In Amaya 9.99, if an element is selected and the Enter key is pressed, 
the element is deleted. This behaviour can create confusion in some 
situations. For instance, when a <hr /> element is created, the element 
is selected. What the user is expected to do then? If he/she hits the 
Enter key, the line is deleted. I would say he/she has to select the 
Edit > Append menu, but this is a little bit awkward. By the way, a 
shortcut for the Edit > Append menu would be convenient if it has to be 
often selected.

Best regards,
Bartolomé Sintes

Received on Thursday, 18 October 2007 10:09:26 UTC