Re: Usability nuisances on the Mac

On 2007-12-18 19:01:02 +0100, Laurent Carcone wrote:

>> - When editing a document on the secondary screen, Amaya will
>>   display any pop-up dialogues on the primary screen.  That's
>>   extremely annoying, as it moves the interaction away from where
>>   the user is focusing.

> What do you mean by 'secondary screen', the splitted view ?

I mean using a laptop which has an additional monitor connected.

primary screen = internal monitor
secondary screen = external monitor

> The problem is that we couldn't define all the keyboard shortcuts
> used by Amaya using only the mac standard usage (without
> combinations of letters).  So we defined two types of shortcuts
> for mac, those using standard modifier keys (Cmd/Shift/Option)
> and those using sequences (Ctrl-l Ctrl-l). The latter type is not
> shown by default in the menus.

Thanks for the hint; that suggests that I'm simply confused between
the different kinds of shortcuts.

>> Finally, with the new keyboard layout, I'd observe that there
>> appears to be no easy way to indicate to Amaya that one doesn't
>> want to append to a link if that link is the last thing in a
>> paragraph. That, too, is a major usability issue.

> You can do that using the command 'Append' from the contextual
> menu (also available from the Edit menu) when the selection is
> within the link. Do you want us to define a shortcut for that
> command (also for Insert) ?

Yes, please, last week preferred! ;-)

Seriously, while typing, I don't want to have to move my fingers off
the keyboard.  Getting caught up in a link while moving around in a
document with the cursor keys is, well, unfortunate.

Thomas Roessler, W3C  <>

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