double-click to open file bug

I am now able to consistently reproduce the bug that "greys out" the 
copy, cut, and paste commands on the MacOS versions of Amaya.

Choose File > Open Document > File > Browse
Double-click your way to the file of your choice (rather than select, 
open, select, open) and double-click on the file itself.
Choose either "Current Window" or "New Tab" for where the file should open.
Choose "Open" (yet again)

When the file opens, the copy, cut and paste commands are greyed out in 
the edit menu.
For me this happens with any file that I open using the above procedure.

Opening the file in a New Window after double-clicking also used to 
produce this error, but doesn't seem to in version 9.99-4.

Double-clicking to open folders on the way to your file doesn't seem to 
influence the error, only that final double-click on the file itself 
which in most Mac programs actually opens the file.

The only way to restore the copy,cut,paste commands once this problem 
has occurred is to restart the program or go back and open the file in a 
New Window.


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Received on Saturday, 15 December 2007 15:17:53 UTC