Amaya 9.99


Thank you for the new graphical interface ! I believe these changes will make Amaya more user-friendly. After having tested it, I have some remarks:

  - The menus [Show/Hide toolbars -> Browsing] and [Show/Hide toolbars -> Editing] are a bit buggy. First, these items should be set "on" at initialization. A more annoying bug is that if you set the Browsing toolbar "off"  BEFORE the Editing toolbar, then you will never be able to set both items "on".

  - When you set the option "Tool panel bar alignement" as customizable, Amaya should memorize (at exit) which Tool panels are closed (just as it does in the case of the align left/right mode). Also, the titles of tool panels don't seem to be translated when you change the language (in my case, they are always in French).

  - Moving one tab horizontally with the mouse to order documents is intuitive (maybe because it is the same behaviour as other browsers), but it is less clear that you can move tabs to split a window horizontally/vertically. Maybe a tooltip that explains this behaviour should appear when you move the mouse on a tab.


Received on Monday, 22 October 2007 10:27:53 UTC