Re: Amaya 99 crash on background image

Steven Pemberton wrote:
> (This isn't a new bug I realise, I just have failed to report it in 
> the past: sorry!)
> URL:
> I have isolated the problem to a single CSS rule:
>    body>:first-child { height: 800px; background-image: 
> url(amsterdam.jpg) }
> If I comment out the background-image part, it seems to load correctly.
> Best wishes,
> Steven Pemberton

Hello Steven,

This problem is very specific to Windows version and happens in the 
openGL treatment (so not easy to debug).
Large images are not displayed in the documents and crash the 
application is they are used as background images.
After making some tests, it seems that the limit is 1023 pixels width 
(your photo is 1024!).
For the moment, we have choose to avoid the crash and to not display the 
background images that are greater than this limit. We hope to find a 
better solution later.

Laurent Carcone

Received on Friday, 30 November 2007 15:37:03 UTC