Re: Amaya 9.55-2 and Debian Unstable don't like each other

On Thu, October 4, 2007 12:38, Florian Dufour wrote:
> Irene Vatton a écrit :
>> On Wednesday 03 October 2007 15:40, Florian Dufour wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I just installed Amaya 9.55-2 Debian package ; I downloaded it on w3c
>>> website. I use Debian Sid (unstable).
>>> Unfortunlately it crashes when I try to open the "Open" menu. This bug
>>> has been reproduced on three other computers, also using Debian
>>> Unstable
>>> x86.
>> It seems to be a bug with the gtk-x11 library.
>> Do you know what are major changes with this Debian Unstable version?

Debian switched fairly recently to GTK+ 2.12. It might be related, but I
will have to check further when I have some time.

> Thanks for your answer. I'm not able to give some clue about gtk-x11
> library ; however I recompiled Amaya with debug and wxdebug options, and
> same crash occurred.

It might also be some sort of conflict between wxWidgets 2.6 and GTK+
2.12, or more probably the Debian bug #441766 :



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