Re: Font Size

It is also way too small on Windows as well.  Is there any reason why
it can't be made to same size as other browsers default to.  That way 
designs will look more similar to what average user will see. Wouldn't
that help the designer a bit ??
I know that there is no spec for this sort of thing but why cant one
try to be close to other browsers in areas where there is no spec 
but there is an ad-hoc way of doing things .... 
some of the form controls are deliberately different as well and it
seems that some sort of political statement is trying to be made
for differentiation rather than trying for designer-friendliness  
Hi, I'm sure this issue has come up before, but I can't remember
 what the outcome was.

On Mac and Linux, the default font size is very small. I have to zoom three 
levels before I get to the default font size in my browser.

Just thought I'd raise it with a major release on the horizon.


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