Re: Amaya Runs, but cannot see it

Christian, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, Amaya was not in the 
Windows toolbar either, so 'maximise' was not possible.
I found a solution - I uninstalled Amaya normally, then I went and 
deleted the remnant directory in C:\Documents and 
Settings\<username>\amaya (for some reason the uninstall had not removed 
this). On re-installing, everyting was normal once again.

Great program - but it had me worried for a while. I think the problem 
is a buggy 'uninstall'

Christian Rębild wrote:
> I have not tested the newest Amaya version, but I have seen similar 
> behavior in another program. Basically, the program did open, but the 
> program opened outside the screen area. If Amaya does show up in the 
> Windows toolbar at the bottom of your screen (unless you have moved it 
> to the side or top), then you can right-click the program tab there 
> and select maximize, that should then bring Amaya on screen.
> That might not solve the problem in the long term, but I am certain 
> that the Amaya developers will want to know whether the problem is 
> that Amaya opens outside the screen area, or whether it is something 
> else.
> Med venlig hilsen / Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen
> Christian Rębild / Christian Raebild
> Vartkes wrote:
>> Hi
>> I just installed the latest (stable) version amaya-WinXP-9.55-3.exe.
>> The install went fine. I have an icon on my desktop. When I try an 
>> open it. amaya.exe rund (process explorer says so) but no Amaya 
>> window opens up.
>> I've tried uninstall/ install -- to no avail. The FAQ was of no help 
>> here.
>> Any pointers appreciated.
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