Re: missing function in Amaya 9.99.3

On Wednesday 28 November 2007 13:42, Juan Lanus wrote:

> BTW, the tags string in the status bar, albeit being activated to
> select the clicked element, it does hot have a tooltip announcing its
> functionality. It might happen that many user were unaware of this.
> The "affordability" of this control has to be enhanced. The problem is
> that it does not appear as "clickable" no matter its color change on
> hover.
> One (easy) way would be to use the ">" character instead of the "/".
> The ">" is recognized in the so-called "breadcrumbs" so common in
> those pages where the users wade deeply into a page hierarchy. Usually
> these trails are clickable, and many users know it. A tooltip would
> make it: "click an element to select it."

In the CVS version, we now use the ">" character instead of the "/"
and a tool announce its functionality.

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