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Re: Amaya 9.99 on Linux -- totally bad display

From: Matej Cepl <mcepl@redhat.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 10:56:46 +0200
To: Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr
Cc: www-amaya@w3.org
Message-Id: <1193043406.3022.7.camel@viklef>
Irene Vatton píše v Po 22. 10. 2007 v 10:45 +0200:
> > is it known bug of Amaya 9.99 that quite often (actually most of
> > the time, making mostly unusable for me) looks like
> > http://tinyurl.com/37jgr9 ???
> It's not a known bug.
> Does it occur only with that specific file?

No it happens with any file even the Help and the splash page (i.e., the
page which opens when Amaya starts).

I am attaching the page, but I don't think it will be of any use to you
-- it should be very clean XHTML Strict with no frills.

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