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Bugs and whishes with Amaya 9.99-4 on Mac.

From: Pascal <abo.pignard@wanadoo.fr>
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2007 10:26:28 +0100
To: www-amaya@w3.org
Message-Id: <17A93AD5-6471-48C1-B84C-40DD5F2BE359@wanadoo.fr>

Here is some more bugs and wishes with Amaya 9.99-4 on Mac 10.4:

. bug : when displayed full License in About box, the window is  
longer than my screen thus I can't see all text nor resize it.
. bug : attributes displayed in status bar (nice improvement) are not  
reset when closing the window.
. bug : in the save as window in French language, the radio button  
"Texte" has not enough space to display on one line.
. bug : amaya crashes when save as window is open and typing <cmd>  
(see attached report).

. bug : in the preference window in French language "Courriel" the  
text of the last field "Adresse d'envoi..." has not enough space to  
display on one line.
. bug : the status of save and save all icons are not reliable when  
switching from one tab to another.
Open a new window with empty HTML save it, open a new window with a  
file from disk, come back to the first one, modify the text, icons  
are hilighted, go to the other tab, icons are both shadowed instead  
save shadowed and save all hilighted.
. wish : <cmd> T short cut for "create new tab".
. wish : Amaya preference directory moved from .amaya to ~/Library/ 
Application Support/amaya but not the default value in Cache  
preference panel.
In the same way, .amaya* control files may move in this directory.
. wish : link displayed in status bar are truncated at the end, an  
idea is to truncate it in the middle as the beginning and the end are  
often more relevant than the middle.

BTW, a well suit wording for MAC004 wish is in fact for search box  
short cuts <cmd> F..., not spell box <cmd> :.

Best wishes for 2008, Pascal.

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