Re: bug report - Amaya crashing when trying to 'cut' from source view or the WYSIWYG page

Amy van der Hiel a écrit :
> Hi Laurent,
> Thanks for getting back to me so fast. I appreciate your help.
> I've tried editing the Member calendar [1] and when I tried to remove 
> the "October" block using both the regular editing page and the source 
> view, Amaya crashes.
> I was able to edit the TPAC page the other day using this version of 
> Amaya (though this was adding not removing info) [2]. I just tried 
> cutting a section from the page and I note it didn't immediately 
> crash. I tried cutting a similar block of text from the Past Events 
> calendar [3] and Amaya didn't crash. I'm not sure why it would only 
> crash with the Member calendar document. I then tried cutting the 
> "April" and "November" sections of the Member calendar and Amaya 
> didn't crash -- just with the "October" section. It's very strange.
You're right, I can reproduce this crash but only on Mac, not on Windows.
The problem comes from the second entry of the section 'October' (2-4 
October). There is a accented character in the line "... 
(VŠE)),Prague,...", I tried to Delete (not cut) the VŠE characters and 
then I could cut the whole block without a crash. Another go round is to 
use the key Suppr or Delete for the whole section, it doesn't crash for me.

Maybe a problem with the encoding of this character. We'll fix this 
crash as soon as possible.
Thanks for the report.

> best,
> Amy
> 1.
> 2.
> 3.
> On Nov 29, 2007, at 4:42 PM, Laurent Carcone wrote:
>> Amy van der Hiel a écrit :
>>> Hi all,
>>> I'm using Amaya 9.99 for Mac (Intel). I just updated my version. 
>>> When I try to cut text from a page in either the source view or the 
>>> WYSIWYG view, Amaya crashes.
>> Hello Amy,
>> I verified with my Mac version (PowerPc), I can't reproduce this 
>> crash. I use this version regularly on Windows and Linux and didn't 
>> have this problem.
>> Does it crash systematically for you (ie, every time you make a cut, 
>> whatever the document) , or only in some cases or following a certain 
>> scenario ?

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