Re: Amaya Runs, but cannot see it

I have not tested the newest Amaya version, but I have seen similar 
behavior in another program. Basically, the program did open, but the 
program opened outside the screen area. If Amaya does show up in the 
Windows toolbar at the bottom of your screen (unless you have moved it 
to the side or top), then you can right-click the program tab there and 
select maximize, that should then bring Amaya on screen.

That might not solve the problem in the long term, but I am certain that 
the Amaya developers will want to know whether the problem is that Amaya 
opens outside the screen area, or whether it is something else.

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Vartkes wrote:
> Hi
> I just installed the latest (stable) version amaya-WinXP-9.55-3.exe.
> The install went fine. I have an icon on my desktop. When I try an 
> open it. amaya.exe rund (process explorer says so) but no Amaya window 
> opens up.
> I've tried uninstall/ install -- to no avail. The FAQ was of no help here.
> Any pointers appreciated.
> -- 

Received on Saturday, 3 November 2007 14:13:49 UTC