Re: Amaya 9.99-3 WinXP bug: can not write # character in href attribute

On Thursday 29 November 2007 11:34, Bartolomé Sintes Marco wrote:
> Hi Irène,
> Yes, I am able to write the # character in the normal or source view and
> in the Link dialog (Ctrl+l+l), but I can not write it in the tool panel.
> As Laurent has noted, there seems to be a problem with the AltGr key, as
> I can not write any AltGr character in the tool panel. In the Spanish
> keyboard, the # character is AlGr+3, but I can not write a @ character
> (AltGr+2) either.
> The problem is not limited to the href attribute. I can not add a style
> attribute like this:
> style="color: #FF0000"
> using the Attributes tool panel because I can not write the # character
> Best regards,
> Bartolomé Sintes (

That bug is now fixed.

Thanks a lot for the report
Irène Vatton @ INRIA Rhône-Alpes

Received on Thursday, 6 December 2007 08:24:53 UTC