Re: Amaya 9.99 sluggish?

Cay Horstmann wrote:
> I am going to try again since I didn't get any response before. Try
> loading
> into
> Amaya 9.55, then rapidly hit PgDn until you reach the end of the
> document. It keeps up with scrolling. Then try with 9.99. On my laptop,
> it simply can't keep up.
> Thanks,
> Cay
> Cay Horstmann wrote:
>> I use Amaya to edit HTML Slidy slides. Is it just me, or does Amaya 9.99
>> feel noticeably more sluggish than 9.55 to you? It seems to have a hard
>> time keeping up with the CSS formatting.
>> Cay

I loaded your document in both Amaya 9.55 and Amaya 9.99, I didn't see 
any difference concerning  the CSS formatting.
I noted that the arrow keys (left, right, up, down) in the Num block 
don't work on the 9.99 version while they worked in the 9.55. Is it the 
problem you are reporting ?
On what platform are you working ?

Laurent Carcone

Received on Wednesday, 5 December 2007 14:05:38 UTC