Re: bug report - Amaya crashing when trying to 'cut' from source view or the WYSIWYG page

Hi Laurent,

On Nov 30, 2007, at 11:00 AM, Laurent Carcone wrote:

> There is indeed a problem with the Mac version when an utf-8  
> character (as the  character) is copied/cut (ie put in the  
> clipboard).
> This problem is in the multi-platform library we use in Amaya, it  
> came with the update of this library we made between the 9.55 and  
> 9.99  Amaya versions (it worked without problems in the 9.55).
> We'll report it. Meanwhile, I made a patch that seems to fix this  
> crash. It 'll be available in the next snapshot.

Thanks so much for looking into this so thoroughly and for suggesting  
a work-around until the next version.


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