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Re: bug report - Amaya crashing when trying to 'cut' from source view or the WYSIWYG page

From: Laurent Carcone <carcone@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 17:00:28 +0100
Message-ID: <4750339C.4060802@w3.org>
To: Amy van der Hiel <amy@w3.org>
CC: www-amaya@w3.org

> Amy van der Hiel a écrit :
>> I've tried editing the Member calendar [1] and when I tried to remove 
>> the "October" block using both the regular editing page and the 
>> source view, Amaya crashes.
>> I was able to edit the TPAC page the other day using this version of 
>> Amaya (though this was adding not removing info) [2]. I just tried 
>> cutting a section from the page and I note it didn't immediately 
>> crash. I tried cutting a similar block of text from the Past Events 
>> calendar [3] and Amaya didn't crash. I'm not sure why it would only 
>> crash with the Member calendar document. I then tried cutting the 
>> "April" and "November" sections of the Member calendar and Amaya 
>> didn't crash -- just with the "October" section. It's very strange.
> You're right, I can reproduce this crash but only on Mac, not on Windows.
> The problem comes from the second entry of the section 'October' (2-4 
> October). There is a accented character in the line "... 
> (VŠE)),Prague,...", I tried to Delete (not cut) the VŠE characters and 
> then I could cut the whole block without a crash. Another go round is 
> to use the key Suppr or Delete for the whole section, it doesn't crash 
> for me.
> Maybe a problem with the encoding of this character. We'll fix this 
> crash as soon as possible.
> Thanks for the report.
> Laurent

Hello Amy,

There is indeed a problem with the Mac version when an utf-8 character 
(as the Š character) is copied/cut (ie put in the clipboard).
This problem is in the multi-platform library we use in Amaya, it came 
with the update of this library we made between the 9.55 and 9.99  Amaya 
versions (it worked without problems in the 9.55).
We'll report it. Meanwhile, I made a patch that seems to fix this crash. 
It 'll be available in the next snapshot.

Thanks for the report,
Laurent Carcone
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