Re: Tool palette doesn't scroll

I didn't see any reply to the post about the need for a scroll on the 
toolbar, so I'll mention that it is a problem in the Mac version of 9.99 
as well.

I also agree with the poster who found the repeated need to hit F8 annoying.

A few of the mac-specific bugs with the scroll bars seem better, though 
not fixed. (What should be a down arrow on the vertical bar often points 
sideways when a window first opens especially in split views like source.)

I also keep experiencing a problem where I open a series of files and at 
some point the cut, copy, paste options under edit "gray out" and I have 
to shut Amaya down and restart to clear it up.  I haven't been able to 
determine what seems to "cause" this problem.  Has anyone else had a 
similar experience? (This was in 9.55 and continues in 9.99 on Mac OSX 

Thanks for all the improvements,
Lucinda DeWitt

Leon Stringer wrote:
> Hi,
> In Amaya 9.99-1, the tool palette (F8) doesn't have a scroll bar but 
> can be taller than the window. This means that there are items off the
> bottom of the page that you can't get to without contracted options at
> the top of the page. (I'm sure the previous version did have a scroll
> bar?).
> (Running on Fedora 7).
> Regards,
> Leon...
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